We offer flexible custom financing to fit your specific needs.


Trust Capital offers funding solutions based on your company's revenues - not your personal credit. Trust Capital can fund you up to 150% or more of your monthly volume. It is cash in the business owner's pocket. The money can be wired as fast as 24 hours after all required documents are received. An agreed upon percentage is taken from your sales in order to repay the funded amount.

Note: there are other innovative repayment structures designed to alleviate the stress of a fixed monthly payment. The purpose of structuring the financing this way is to ease the pressures of a bank looking over your shoulder demanding a check each month, no matter how well you do. With Trust Capital, you repay based off your returns. When sales are high, you pay back a little more, if business is slow, you pay back a little less.


Trust Capital Funding is the premiere company for all of your processing needs. We work with many credit card processing companies. This allows us to place our clients with a company that will best fit their needs. Trust Capital only affiliates itself with the top ten processors in the country. Using multiple companies allows us to provide your business with the best rates and necessary functionality for bankcard processing, electronic check services, multiple POS systems, as well as business management solutions.

Trust Capital Advantages

  • Guaranteed ability to beat all pricing

  • Next day funding (most of our competitors use 48-72 hours)

  • Real time access to your transaction history

  • Multilingual Customer Services Representatives

  • Ability to finance credit card receivables

  • Flawless credit card processing for internet based, e-commerce sites and high ticket priced industries

  • Versatile enough to be used with Global Payment Systems, First Data and many other back-end processors

Freedom flex funding is Trust Capital's version of a business line of credit. With these funds we allow our qualified clients to come back for additional funding before the existing balance is paid off. Today's market allows for a unique opportunity for our clients to have more money available so they can prosper within their industry. The only interest owed is on money borrowed. The purpose of this is to make sure we are not over leveraging our clients with a burden of the maximum amount of money available.

Today's average start up cost of a Franchise can range from $40,000.00 to several million. Trust Capital Funding has worked with many franchises in the past and understands the difficulty of securing money quickly. With our flexible terms and vast experience we are generally able to sync our terms with whichever franchise agreement you are pursuing.

Taking on another location? We can help! In today's economy, why used your money when you can use someone else's? Trust Capital and its' affiliates are extremely innovative when it comes to acquiring additional locations. You can have your current location revenues pay for additional locations.

Each Franchise agreement is different. We would like to hear from you to discuss in more detail the specifics of what our clients are looking for. Please give us a call at 1-800-LENDER-1.

Some Franchises Funded:

  • These banking products are based on your total gross revenues.​​

  • Funds are not secured through personal assets but on the corporation itself.

  • It is a fixed payment structure.​ 

Note: TCF is not a tax attorney or legal firm. Hence, customers should check with their legal counsel for tax deduction information.


Multi-Family: Refinance

Multi-Family: Acquisition

Multi-Family: New Construction

Mobile Home Parks

Nursing and ALFs: Acquisition

Nursing and ALFs

NON Profit 202 Refinance

This major policy change allows Section 202 communities to refinance debt at today's low rates and use the savings to improve facilities and enhance the living experience for residents. TRUST MORTGAGE is a national HUD lender and is an industry leader of the 202 refinance process.

  • 90% Loan-to-value, no cash out

  • 35 Year amortization

  • 35 Year Term (no balloon)

  • No maximum loan amount

  • Low, fixed interest rate, based on market spreads over the Ten-Year Treasury Yield

  • Negotiable pre-payment terms* 1:18 Minimum Debt Service Coverage

  • Third-party expenses and loan costs are financeable

  • Net Operating Income and valuation may utilize Section 8 Contract rents.

Rates and Terms determined by LTV, property type and other conditions. This is limited information and meant for general reference purposes. For detailed information or a specific quote on a project, contact Trust Capital Funding at 617-795-2100.